Everything You Need to Know About Jasmine Tea

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First produced in China's Fujian Province, jasmine tea skyrocketed to popularity during the Ming Dynasty when flowers were all the rage. Floral patterns adorned just about everything in the Chinese art world, from paintings and porcelain to poems and embroidery.

Native to the Middle East – specifically Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan – jasmine was an instant hit when it was introduced to Chinese society, thanks to its sweet, perfumed aroma. It made an obvious choice for being an ingredient to scent and/or blend with tea.

Read on for everything to know about jasmine tea from how it's made to how to brew a perfect cup of it.

What is jasmine tea?

Most jasmine tea is considered a “scented” or “flavored” tea, and is made using a combination of true tea leaves (from the Camellia sinensis plant) and blossoms from the jasmine plant. Jasmine tea is typically made using green tea as a base, although there are some jasmine teas available that are made with white tea or black tea.

How is jasmine tea made?

The scenting process involves drying tea leaves with fresh jasmine flowers. The flowers are layered atop the tea leaves, and are replaced every 24 hours. The process can take several days depending on the desired blend.

One of the most popular types of jasmine tea is Jasmine Pearls, delicate gem-like tea leaves that have been rolled into tiny balls during the processing method. The delicate “pearls” unfurl as the tea steeps, releasing an enchanting aroma and creating a beautiful presentation.

What does jasmine tea taste like?

The taste of jasmine tea can vary depending on which true tea is used as its base, where the jasmine is grown and how it is processed. Related to the olive family, jasmine flowers effuse a deeply fragrant smell with a sweet finish.

Typically, jasmine green tea has a delicate and subtle flavor profile with notes of sweet floral, a fresh finish and a perfumed aroma. Not only is jasmine tea a wonderfully flavorful tea, it also boasts a number health benefits. We especially appreciate it for its ability to decrease stress and calm the mind.

How do I brew jasmine tea?

The preparation method for jasmine tea can vary depending on the type of tea used as its base. You should check the tea label of your specific jasmine tea for brewing parameters.

To brew our Jasmine Pearls, we recommend brewing 1.5 grams of tea in 6 ounces of water heated to 175° F for 2.5 minutes. Should you choose to use Chinese-style (or gong fu) brewing, brew 3.5 grams of tea in 100mL of water heated at 175° F for 15 seconds (+10 seconds for each subsequent infusion).

Want to try jasmine tea in an entirely unique way? Try our Jasmine Tea Mojito recipe.

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