Black-Owned Businesses Tea Lovers Will Adore

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Did you know that supporting Black-owned businesses helps to close the racial wealth gap, strengthen local economies and celebrate diversity?

As we work together as a country to eliminate systemic inequality, consider supporting Black-owned businesses today and every day. See below for a few of our favorites.

Savanna Premium Chocolate

Not only does Savanna Premium Chocolate craft single-origin, bean-to-bar chocolate use the finest African-grown cocoa beans, they also source them directly from small farms. Now that’s something we can stand behind.

Lolly Lolly

Even those who typically drink matcha from a bowl can’t resist Lalese’s awesome modern kitchenware. I mean, look at the design of this gorgeous mug! One of everything, please. 


Harlem Candle Company

This collection of premium candles is inspired by founder Teri Johnson’s passion for fragrance, jazz and her neighborhood of Harlem. Eye-catching and fragrant, these candles help to set the mood for an elevated tea-sipping sesh.

Sweet Dames

Macaroons make the perfect teatime treat, and Sweet Dames has a great variety (think Salted Caramel, Pineapple and Cherry Jubilee) of this delectable coconut dessert.

Blue Sage

Purify your tea sanctuary with healing energy with a smudge stick by Tampa-based Blue Sage Boutique. Owner Christina is dedicated to reducing environmental impact and intention-based goal-setting to further earth-friendly, sustainable connections across communities.



Pottery by Osa

This lovely terracotta pottery is handmade by Osa Atoe, a potter based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her lovely mugs and cups are beautifully designed, and perfect for sipping your morning cup.

Ivy’s Tea Company

We love that Ivy’s donates a portion of their proceeds to various Black-forward charities. Check out their lineup of functional teas and hip hop-inspired herbal blends.

Chicago French Press

Even tea lovers enjoy the occasional cup of joe, and Chicago French Press is a great option for socially-responsible beans.


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